The Work of Jacques Le Goff and the Challenges of Medieval History

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April 1997



Essays on medieval history inspired by, and engaging with, the work of Jacques Le Goff.


Part 1 Money exchange and the culture of reason: time and money, Alexander Murray; applying number to men and women in the 13th and early-14th centuries - an enquiry into the idea of "sex-ratio", Peter Biller. Part 2 Religion, heterodoxy and popular culture: Jacques Le Goff and Italy, Andre Vauchez; between sanctity and superstition - saints and their miracles in the Age of Revolution, R.I. Moore. Part 3 Le Goff, "Annales" and national historical tradition: Jacques Le Goff in Germany, Otto Gerhard Oexle; mainstream and margins of medieval history in the United States, Lester K. Little; the "Annales" and medieval studies in the Low Countries, Walter Simons; Spanish medieval history and the "Annales" - between Franco and Marx, Adeline Rucquoi. Part 4 Learning and religious perfection: intellectuals in the Middle Ages, 1957-95, Alan Boreau; Jacques Le Goff and the intellectuals, Jean Dubabin. Part 5 Royalty and its mystique: "quando fuit natus" - interpreting the birth of Philip Augustus, William Chester Jordan; the king's touch and the dean's ministrations - aspects of sacral monarchy, Peter Linehan. Part 6 The body - human and politic: medieval bodies - why now, and how?, Miri Rubin. Part 7 Le Goff and medieval history in Central and Eastern Europe: Le Goff, the "Annales" and medieval studies in Hungary, Gabor Klaniczay; "Annales" in Moscow, Aaron Gurevich. Part 8 "Annales", medieval history and the future: against "immobilisme", Robin Briggs; Le Goff, "Annales" and the future, Stuart Clark.
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