Christianity and Sexuality in the Early Modern World

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Christianity and Sexuality in the Early Modern World surveys the ways in which Christian ideas and institutions shaped sexual norms and conduct from the time of Luther and Columbus to that of Thomas Jefferson. The book is global in scope and geographic in organization, with chapters on Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, and North America. Many important themes are examined, such as marriage and divorce, fornication and illegitimacy, clerical sexuality, witchcraft and love magic, homosexuality and moral crimes. The book sets its findings within the context of many historical fields - the history of sexuality and the body, women's history, legal, religious, gay and lesbian history, world history and colonial studies - and provides readers with an introduction to key theoretical and methodological issues in each of these areas. Each chapter contains three major sections: ideas, institutions and effects. For this second edition the book has been fully updated with recent scholarship with includes examples that have emerged in scholarship published in the last decade.


Acknowledgements Introduction 1: Christianity to 1500 2: Protestantism in Europe 3: Catholicism and Orthodoxy in Europe 4: Latin America 5: Africa and Asia 6: North America 7: Conclusions a


Merry Wiesner-Hanks is a Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Her most recent publications include Early Modern Europe, 1450-1750 (2006) and The Marvelous Hairy Girls: The Gonzales Sisters and their Worlds (2009).


"Merry Wiesner-Hanks has offered a fully updated second edition of her groundbreaking book on Christianity and sexuality, and she carefully analyzes areas outside Europe in the colonial world... Hundreds of authors inform this study, which she concludes with several pages of her own conclusions. She stresses, for example, the centrality of sex in the formation and preservation of boundaries, an issue pertinent in the modern world as well. As she points out, norms and lived reality are still in tension today." - Donald J. Dietrich, The European Legacy: Toward New Paradigms
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