Law and Professional Issues in Midwifery

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September 2010



Midwives are accountable to the public, patients, their employers and the profession. It is essential that student midwives have a clear understanding of the legal and professional dilemmas they face in the course of their career and how to address those dilemmas in order to practise effectively. This book is an essential resource for student midwives developing their knowledge and understanding of the requirements for safe practice. It provides a clear introduction to the subject, with activities and case studies throughout to illustrate key principles and apply the law in context.


Introduction to the Law and the Legal System
Principled Decision-Making and Ethics
Accountability in Midwifery Practice
Equality and Human Rights
Consent to Examination and Treatment
Consent: Children and Infants
Safeguarding Children
Legal Status of the Unborn Child
Health Promotion and Public Health
Domestic Abuse and Protecting the Vulnerable Adult
Reproduction, Family Planning and the Law
Medicines and the Law
Health and Safety


Richard Griffith is the team leader for healthcare law in the School of Health Science at Swansea University where he has taught since 1992. He initially trained as a nurse before turning his attention to law and an academic career. He has a particular interest in applied law in healthcare practice and has published widely in a range of nursing journals.
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