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If you have students who wish to build on their vocabulary acquisition skills, improve their academic writing skills, and become more confident and successful readers, From Reading to Writing is the ideal pedagogical tool. This four-level, researched-based course provides a complete sequence of high-interest, thematically connected activities that fully integrate reading and writing. Timeless themes engage students and allow for recycling of ideas and vocabulary, while engaging readings provide a springboard for writing activities. Features: *Explicit reading and writing skill instruction guides students to become better learners. *Contextualized writing models and carefully crafted exercises direct students through the writing process.*Step-by-step process writing assignments with peer feedback, editing, and revising help students master common academic genres and rhetorical forms.* Target corpus-based vocabulary from researched sources ensures that students learn the vocabulary they need most.*ProofWriterTM,an online writing-assessment tool from ETS:* Provides students with immediate individual feedback on Grammar, Usage, Style and Mechanics.*
Teachers can focus their feedback on higher-level writing skills. *Online Teacher's Manuals include answer keys and unit tests. Click on the links below for the other levels of From Reading to Writing: *From Reading to Writing 1*From Reading to Writing 2*From Reading to Writing 3


Unit 1 Inventions Reading 1 A Zone in Time Reading 2 The Remarkable Clarence Birdseye Unit 2 Careers Reading 1 How Networking Works Reading 2 How to Run a Successful Business Unit 3 The Environment Reading 1 Can Cell-Phone Recycling Help African Gorillas? Reading 2 The Water Beneath Our Feet Unit 4 Fact of Fiction? Reading 1 Lucky Charms Reading 2 Legendary Creatures Unit 5 Personality Reading 1 Musical Personalities Reading 2 Eustress or You Stress? Unit 6 Gender Reading 1 Shopping by the Sexes Reading 2 Fashionable Men Unit 7 Human Nature Reading 1 Why You Can't Turn Away Reading 2 To Laugh Is Human Unit 8 Privacy Reading 1 Future with Nowhere to Hide Reading 2 More Parents Going High-Tech to Track Kids Unit 9 Literature Reading 1 The Model Millionaire (Part 1) Reading 2 The Model Millionaire (Part 2) Avoiding Plagiarism Grammar Reference Correction Symbols Vocabulary Review Target Vocabulary
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