The development of mixed media jewelry business concept

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V. viseksak primarily focuses on design and manufacture of unique jewelry. We refined designer's interest in silver jewelry incorporating found objects. This collection, which she have called "Mixed Media", incorporates edgy design with elements of nature and other influences. Each piece is personally designed by a designer, Vimol Kitsadaviseksak, and handcrafted into distinctive pieces with respect to the lastest fashion trends. V. viseksak pride to present handcrafted piece mixed media jewelry that uses the unique talent of mixture of unconventional materials inserts and sterling silver, creating jewelry that is highly tactile to the touch, whimsical, and intriguing to the eye with strong sense of elegant.


Vimol Kitsadaviseksak was born in the year 1981. Her love for fashion took her to San Francisco where she pursued a master degree in Fashion program from Academy of Art University. Her jewelry works got show for an annual school show project in 2008. She devoted herself to art and pride to present handcrafted piece mixed media jewelry
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