Lean - Six Sigma

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This book is a comprehensive guideline for the Management of processes and quality by applying LEAN and SIX SIGMA. It includes various statistical tools and applications for Minitab. Additional several Management tools and models are presented, useful in combination with a SIX SIGMA approach. Lean - SIX SIGMA is a powerful tool for Management and improvements in efficiencies to be applied on all levels in an organization. SIX SIGMA is also used to solve complex problems in the process or can be developed as a company value or company culture, dedicated to quality and change. With the necessary support by Senior Management all key staff members in the company should familiar with the methodologies presented here to achieve the benefits from Lean - SIX SIGMA.


Michael F. Hartung born in Germany with 20 years experience in Banking in various functions, including Finance, Operations, Project Management, Risk Management, Corporate-Relationship Management. Expertise as Consultant for small and medium sized enterprises as well as Lecturer in Quality Management, LEAN - SIX SIGMA, Finance Management. Achieved various degrees (MBA) in Business Administrations, Banking, and Finance/Accounting and in SIX SIGMA.
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