In the search for Social Justice

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Januar 2010



Social citizenship is still far from gender-neutrality in contemporary societies. The book deals with the theoretical concept of social citizenship and examines thoroughly its gender dimension. On the basis of such a theoretical introduction, an analysis of relevant data concerning gender dimension of social citizenship in Sweden is conducted. The country chosen by the author for the case study is not coincidental. Sweden has been for a long time perceived as beeing one of the most women-friendly country in the world. However, if the dimension of social citizenship is taken into account, it turns out that the situation is not that clear. With the focus on the employment, family policy, pension system, and, additionally, political participation of women, Sweden is a significat example to indicate that there is still a great work to be done untill gender-neutrality and social justice is reached. The book should be useful for all those academics and students in the fields of Social Sciences interested especially in the issue of social and gender justice who need brief and vivid theoretical overview alongside with empirical examples in the area of social citizenship.


Master in European Political Sociology at Dalarna University in Sweden. Currently, student of Faculty of Journalism and Political Sciences and Faculty of Law and Adminstration at University of Warsaw with main intrest in labour law and social insurances (especially pension systems).
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